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Updated:March 20, 2013

Overview of Amami City

Amami’s Location

The city of Amami is located in the central and northern parts of Amami-Ohshima Island, which lies about 400 km south-west of Kagoshima Prefecture on the mainland and about 1,300 km south-west of Tokyo. You can fly to Amami Airport in the north part of the city from Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, or Kagoshima. We also have Naze-Shinkou Port in the central part, so you can take a ferry from Tokyo, Osaka, or Kagoshima. The city area is divided into three zones, Naze, Sumiyo, and Kasari, with Kasari in the north being an exclave. The north part has few mountains, and is formed of gently rolling land with a large number of beautiful coasts. The southern area is dominated by mountains, and is home to a large number of academically valuable species such as the Amami rabbit.

Amami’s Climate

The climate of Amami City is subtropical maritime, with average annual temperatures exceeding 21°C, and winters that almost never drop below 10°C.

There is also a lot of rain, with the annual rainfall exceeding 2,800 mm. It is in the typhoon path, and gets an average of 3.8 typhoons a year.

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