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Updated:March 20, 2013

Tourist Information

Major Tourist Sites

Ayamaru Point

This cape, projecting out into the Pacific, is a fantastic place to see the cycad jungle below you, and the sea with its coral reefs spreading out all around you.

Amami Park

This park houses the Amamino-Sato, where you can see tourist information about the Amami islands and get close to its traditional folk culture, and the Tanaka Isson Memorial Museum of Art, which displays works by Tanaka Isson, who has been likened to Japan’s own Gauguin.

Tomori Coast

The beautiful white sands and deep emerald blue sea make this one of the loveliest parts of Amami.

Kinsakubaru Virgin Forest

Castanopsis and Schima broadleaf trees grow thickly here, and there are many species of rare plants and animals living in this subtropical virgin forest.

Ohama Coastal Park, Amami Marine Museum, Thalasso Amami no Ryugu

Famed as a “sunset beach,” this bathing area is close to town. The park includes the Amami Marine Museum for visitors and the Thalasso Amami no Ryugu, a health and healing facility.

Modama (Giant Bean) Colony

Modama, which has been called the model for the beanstalk in the English fairytale “Jack and the Beanstalk,” grows naturally in the Sumiyo area.

Mangrove Forest

Boasting the second-largest area in Japan, it covers 71 hectares. Home to rare plants and animals, you can paddle around the waterways of the forest in a canoe.

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